Abedalmohimen Alagha


Founder & CEO at Hsoub

On a mission to develop the Arab Wrold. I started Hsoub in 2011 in the UK, and since then, Hsoub bootstrapped its way into a group of Internet businesses focused on solving the challenges facing Arab youth, mainly, employment and education.

Hsoub runs the two largest Arabic freelancing platforms Mostaql and Khamsat, promotes remote work on Baaeed, provides online education via Hsoub Academy and Hsoub Wiki, develops productivity and project management tools at Ana, builds online communities at Hsoub I/O, among others.

I work remotely with a wonderful team of 40 people spread across the world.


I'm a full stack developer who turn ideas into reality. I design and build systems, and through my work with the Hsoub team, I get involved at each step of project lifecycle, from a sketch to production.

Although most of my time is spent leading teams, I enjoy programming in Clojure, Ruby, and C. When I have free time, I dabble with electronics, 3d printing and robotics.

Security Consultant

Prior to Hsoub, I provided penetration testing and incedent response services to comapnies. In 2009, I founded iSecur1ty, the first Arabic ethical hacking community at the time. I'm still interested in the field but no longer active.